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This privacy policy regulates the activities of
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We use cookies to regulate logged users on your website. It will not be cool if we don’t have it on this kind of place. In the other hand, you can disable it on your web browser if you like. But we recommend that you leave yours active.

Protection of information:
Whatever we collect from you during registration is safe with us. But we can’t guarantee if it is when you submit your data to those ad networks shown here.
Furthermore, if there is any beach in our database, our guarantee will be forfeited.

Connection with Roblox Game Network:
We own a group where we pay users whenever then transfer their gaming resources. Although, we are not affiliated with them, we have items which we sell to group members.

Acceptance to children under 18 years:
We don’t have any limitation on who is allowed to use our site. Just invite anyone you like if they need the game currency.

Notification of Policy Change:
If we change any text on this page, we will include the date to when we did that. So always check here anytime.

Last updated:
15th February, 2019